Many, if not all of us will face the reality that our elderly loved ones may not be able to live the way that they grew accustomed to over their adult years. They have recently seemed forgetful, or that they are not capable of properly taking care of themselves the way they had been for the past few decades.

The difficult part of this decision is that they know it is happening, but are not capable of making the decision to either leave their home and move into a long-term care facility, or hire assistance to take care of them at their own home of comfort. In this post, we will compare and contrast a traditional nursing home with home care services, to hopefully make this decision easier for all parties involved.

Nursing Home

A nursing home is designed for individuals who are truly not capable of taking proper care of themselves. It consists of an apartment-like facility that hosts individual rooms for elderly citizens to live in. The area is equipped with nurses and staff 24/7 to monitor the area and make sure each resident is taken care of and healthy. Here is a breakdown of some of the pros and cons associated with moving your loved one to a nursing home:


  • The area is routinely staffed with a variety of medical professionals. They can provide around the clock care, and administer both medical and non-medical actions that each resident may need.
  • Nursing homes provide a secure and “locked down” environment that is beneficial for patients with Alzheimer’s or dementia. These people may wander off if unsupervised, posing a threat to themselves, and the people they might cross paths with.


  • Most individual freedoms are stripped away from the resident, making them truly feel “old.” While this is a tough pill to swallow for both them and their families, it might be required if they can no longer be trusted with their own personal care, safety, and independence.
  • Require a transition period before the establishment feels like home. This can vary in length for each resident, and some unfortunately never feel at home or in place.
  • Nursing homes can prove to be high in cost for the resident or their family. This is even further proven for high-quality facilities or for residents that have higher past incomes and savings.

Home Care

Home care is an alternative to a nursing home facility for individuals who can mostly take care of themselves but need a little assistance with certain tasks. It is generally a less disruptive experience for the elderly person involved because they are not being forced out of their permanent residence.


  • A more personal relationship with the caregiver, as it is one-on-one consistent treatment.
  • Familiar and comfortable because it is the same house with a new “guest.”
  • The individual can remain somewhat independent, as they only require assistance for certain tasks that don’t completely identify their quality of life.
  • Generally less expensive to hire a caregiver than move into a nursing home.


  • Many home care providers can not or will not administer medical procedures.
  • It is important to know who exactly you’re hiring into the home.
  • Less secure than a nursing home, especially for individuals with mental illness.
  • Might only be a temporary fix until more evaluation goes into their need for a nursing home facility.

Peace of Mind With Absolutely In Homecare Services

While it is a big and difficult decision, oftentimes elderly individuals can not clearly make up their minds on how to move forward when daily life becomes a strenuous job. For those who need at-home services to help with the little things, Absolutely In Homecare Services is the choice provider in Southern California. Our team treats our clients like family, and they grow to be our family each and every day we spend with them. Be sure to contact us to gain our insight about what your elderly loved one might need, and schedule your free consultation today.