Freedom In The Form Of Residency

As a citizen of the United States, you have earned your keep for decades. All of the hard work you have achieved in life has paid off, giving you the freedom of retirement in the home you have grown so accustomed to. As an aging individual, however, you have noticed that things don’t always work as properly as they once did. This can be anything from your mental clarity to the ease of proper housekeeping.

In the past when this change has begun, senior citizens were quickly ushered out of their life-long homes and into a retirement home, where their freedoms were stripped away. While there are certain situations in which this is absolutely necessary, there are many cases when senior citizens just need a little assistance.

At Absolutely In Homecare Services, we enable our senior citizens to live their independent lives in their current homes by providing assistance where they see fit. We offer a wide variety of non-medical and non-invasive services, letting you choose what services you see fit. We offer free consultations with our patients, allowing us to get to know a little more about you and how we can help. You can then customize your services and preferences during this consultation, and we will get to work on accommodating these requests to a status of excellence. Be sure to check out more about our services below, and feel free to contact us when you think it is time for a consultation.

Our Services


No matter what age you are, companionship and human interaction is a vital source of clarity and sanity to help you navigate through life’s journey. This is an especially important process for elderly individuals, and even more specifically elderly individuals that need general assistance as is. Elderly patients may have lower memory levels or less opportunity to seek personal interactions on their own accord, and without professional companionship, they might not get the same amount of interaction needed to keep their older minds as youthful as they could be.

With Absolutely In Homecare Services, we provide individual companionship that is unique to every individual we assist. Our staff will gladly go on walks with patients, sit at home and discuss client interests, and provide laughter and care to every client we interact with. We know how vital it is for our patients to experience these powerful (and yet simple) interactions, so we do our best to accommodate every individual need in relation to their overall wellbeing.

Personal Care

Personal care shouldn’t take a halt to old age. No matter how old an individual is, taking care of one’s self is an important aspect of continued wellbeing. Personal care for elderly patients is often more important, as they might not have the full capacity to properly do it themselves.

That’s why Absolutely In Homecare Services offers personal care as part of the holistic approach to senior care. Our staff will assist in bathing clients, remind them to take their needed medications, and provide care if a patient experiences incontinence. Our mission is to help patients feel confident in all of their personal care tasks so that they feel as good as possible.


Being able to get yourself to the places you need to be at is an often overlooked freedom that most of us take for granted. Whether it is a long car ride or a simple walk, most of us can just partake in the journey without much second thought. With that being said, elderly individuals can often have an entirely different outlook on transportation capabilities and limitations. A lot of the time, elderly people do not want to or do not feel comfortable taking themselves to the places they need to get to, especially when it involves a motor vehicle. Elderly drivers can oftentimes be a danger to themselves and others on the road, especially in high-speed and highway situations.

At Absolutely In Homecare Services, our patients can get wherever they need to go on their own schedule. Our personal caretaker staff is happy to drive our patients to appointments, shopping errands, lunch dates, and wherever else our patients choose. It is all part of our service and dedication to our clients.

Light Housekeeping

Chores are a chore, literally. Even young, healthy, and active people struggle to do the housekeeping duties they desperately need to stay on top of. This process can be even more difficult and complicated for elderly citizens, and they often find themselves taking longer than needed to complete basic housekeeping tasks.

Here at Absolutely In Homecare Services, we provide light housekeeping chores that focus on providing a clean and safe environment for our patients. We can help with laundry, dishes, dusting, organizing, vacuuming, and more. Whatever needs to be done during the time of the visit, be sure to count on our staff to properly and effectively tackle the problem!

Meal Preparations

Preparing meals can be a long and strenuous process, especially for elderly individuals. While they generally do not have the same time constraints that many younger people face, they do have limitations that can prevent them from properly preparing a meal. Some might have physical disabilities that do not allow for them to stand or lift or reach for certain ingredients necessary for meals, while others face mental challenges that can distort the perception of time and temperature while in the cooking process.

Absolutely In Homecare Services provides meal preparation services for our clients. Whether they need weekly meal planning or a cooked meal for that specific night, our staff will help with meal preparation as requested.

Scheduling Appointments

Scheduling is a way to keep yourself on track and motivated to do the things needed to be done in specific time frames. While scheduling is an important aspect for individuals at any age, it is vital to the maintenance and routine of elderly individuals. Keeping track of a schedule, calendar, and meetings are all incredibly important.

Here at Absolutely In Homecare Services, we help schedule and prepare appointments for our patients. Whether it is day-to-day scheduling or set for an extended goal or achievement, scheduling is vital to continued success and reduced forgetfulness. Whatever our patients need to schedule into or stay on top of, we are prepared to help and follow through with day to day appointments.