The Numbers

The seniors of today have been pioneers in a very abrupt and eventful period of history. From space exploration to the rapid advances of technology, we would not be where we are today without their dedication to progress. These individuals and their families have also gone through many troubling moments in history, including the presence of multiple wars in which young men were gathered in masses to be sent overseas to combat opposing forces. Because of this, one in three current senior citizens in the United States is a Veteran or the surviving spouse of a Veteran.

Why We Help

At Absolutely In Homecare Services, we wanted to do something about this staggering statistic, as many of these aging Veterans and spouses are at the point where daily tasks are becoming harder to complete. While our focus is not on providing medical assistance to individuals, we believe that helping senior citizens with the completion of daily routines such as bathing and meal preparation is vital to their ability to live independently in their location of choice.

How We Help

In order to do our part for these individuals who have sacrificed so much of their lives to provide us the opportunities we often take for granted, Absolutely In Homecare Services is proud to announce our Veterans Assistance option. In alignment with the Veterans Administration (VA), we fulfill the benefit titled “Aid and Attendance” to senior citizens to provide financial relief from the services that help keep them living an independent lifestyle. This benefit can provide up to $2,200 each month to pay for home care services that keep them in their permanent residence for as long as their health can support.

Veterans Assistance With Absolutely In Homecare Services

In the United States, there are currently over 15 million Veterans that may qualify for this assistance program, yet only around 3% of them are currently taking advantage of this offer. We believe a large part of this is due to the lack of education and promotion of this benefit. If you or a loved one is believed to qualify for this life-changing benefit, yet you don’t know how to utilize it in the best way possible, be sure to contact our office. We are here to answer all of your questions, whether they are general or specific to the benefits program. We hope to hear from you soon.