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Seniors’ Holiday Safety Recommendations


The holiday season provides an exceptional opportunity to visit with a senior loved one and spend meaningful time together, which can be difficult during the rest of the year. Whether your senior loved one is celebrating the season at your home or on their own, following these holiday safety tips for seniors may ensure that everyone has a joyous and bright holiday season.

Use simple decorations that don’t add to the clutter. Always make ensure that there is ample space to walk. Keep extension cables out of the path of walkways to avoid tripping over them. Replace candles with colorful centerpieces of flowers or fruit, or try utilizing battery-powered candles.

Make certain that all areas are adequately illuminated. Subdued Christmas lights can obscure fall hazards and make it difficult to see around furniture. Install a nightlight in your loved one’s bedroom and bathroom, and make sure light switches are easily accessible.

Rearrange furniture so that everyone can move around it effortlessly. Keep rowdy pets from rushing about the house when the senior is moving around. While the elderly person is visiting, designate a particular, out-of-the-way location for the children to play with their new toys.

Furthermore, the holidays can be a lonely time, but it is essential to keep social contact. If you are unable to be with your seniors during the holidays, try seeking companionship in California.

They can give senior care or home health care in addition to being there for your seniors.

Absolutely in Homecare Services for further holiday safety recommendations for seniors or in-home assistance.

We can perform an in-home safety evaluation to ensure your senior loved one’s house is as safe as possible, recommend changes, and provide a complete variety of home care in Los Angeles, California.

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