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Common Dangers That Seniors Face


Seniors often experience cognitive and physical decline. This may be the result of medical conditions or simply of old age. Many of them may even need in-home assistance to ensure that their needs are met properly.

This decline may put the safety of seniors at risk. As we provide companionship in California, we want to help people identify these risks. Knowing these situations can help them identify solutions to ensure the safety of their loved ones.

First, the physical decline of seniors may make it easy for your loved ones to experience falls. While falling seems to be a minor accident, it can be highly fatal for seniors. For seniors, falling can easily lead to injuries.

This is why it can be helpful to enroll them in fall prevention programs and even physical therapy sessions. These may help them with stability and techniques to avoid these accidents.

Seniors may also be injured because of poor eyesight. They may not see where they are going. This makes it hard for them to identify dangerous objects or situations.

Of course, seniors, especially those who are experiencing cognitive decline, may not know their way home. They may end up somewhere far from their homes. With that, it is incredibly important to supervise our senior loved ones. Their safety depends on it.

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