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What to Do if Your Senior Has the Flu


The flu (influenza) is a seasonal virus that causes mild to severe symptoms. The risk of complications increases if the individual is over the age of 65 because older adults tend to have a weaker immune system. When a flu infection is left untreated or worsens, it can progress to pneumonia and lead to hospitalization or even death. if your senior loved one is sick with the flu, be sure to take the right steps in addressing the problem. In-home assistance may also be essential to ensure your senior’s safety and prevent untreated flu symptoms.

To properly treat the flu, immediately consult your doctor. If you don’t see your doctor within the first 48 hours of symptoms, antiviral treatment is less likely to shorten the duration or reduce the symptoms of infection but it may still be given if the senior has a high risk of complications.

While there may be no cure for the flu, symptoms do respond to over-the-counter cold and flu medications. Seniors may take ibuprofen as directed to address pain and fever. It is also important for your senior loved one to get plenty of rest to strengthen his or her immune system and be able to fight the virus. Let him or her drink plenty of fluids as well. If you can’t be present to take care of your senior loved one, our companionship in California is available.

If complications do come, inform your doctor right away. An antibiotic may be prescribed as this will treat the secondary infection or complication.

Never leave your senior loved one alone at home for in cases like this, urgent care is needed. Call Absolutely in Homecare Services! We can provide home care in Los Angeles, California immediately.

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