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Helping Seniors Do Self-Care


In terms of personal care, elderly people may have difficulty taking care of their hygiene and grooming. This may be noticeable when they wear the same clothes for days or forget to take a bath. As a provider of in-home assistance, we have listed some advice on how you can assist your loved ones in their hygiene care:

  • Talk to your loved one first
    Sometimes, seniors may not be comfortable when other people do something very personal instead of them, such as bathing or changing clothes. Be sure to ask about their preferences and respect their lifestyle choices.
  • Make self-care part of their day
    When assisting your loved ones in their daily hygiene activities, make sure that it doesn’t feel like a chore. Incorporate the tasks into their daily schedule and don’t rush them. Being a provider of companionship in California, we make sure that seniors feel that they are not alone while taking care of their neatness and comfort.
  • Keep their environment safe
    Aside from our loved one’s cleanliness, you have to make sure that the areas where they do their daily hygiene are safe for them. In the bathroom, make sure that there are handrails, the products are clearly labeled, and the floor is slip-proof. This way, your loved ones will be more secure and confident to shower or brush their teeth.

Assisting elderly loved ones to do their care activities requires a lot of patience, understanding, and kindness. As a Home Care in Los Angeles, California, we at Absolutely in Homecare Services can help you make sure that your loved one’s self-care needs are not neglected and make them feel good as much as possible. Contact us today at 323-795-5889 / 877-912-2227.

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